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Goal is to get as close to 100m as possible, each round subtract 100 from your total to get your round score and sum the scores. (so 102-100 = 2, 97- 100 = 3, and add all scores with goal of zero)

100m row

15 air squat

100m row

15 shoulder row

100m row

10:10 leg swings

100m row

15 KBS (American), 35#



400m run

20 thrusters, 45#

20 pull ups, 2 green bands



Did this one in the apartment gym, subbed in a 35# plate for a kettlebell

Pull ups, 3-3-3

For Time

100 DU

50 plate swings (like KBS), 35#

25 thrusters, 45#


30 Hollow rocks

Yeah, you saw right. It’s been over 5 weeks since my last workout. I would love to say I have a great excuse for this lapse, but in the end they’re just excuses. I think a big part of it was that my old job left me feeling drained every single day. Luckily I started a brand new, awesome job today and I’m feeling inspired to get back at it! Plus my new job will be sending me to Norfolk VA in a few months and I plan to join a gym there. I also plan to arrive with a decent level of athleticism and fitness so I can take advantage of the skill work coaching.


3 rounds

max rep strict push ups


12 deadlifts




Thruster, 33#

Pull up


Ab mat sit ups


I was too weak and near pukey to do an ab challenge, plus I did sit ups in my WOD

First of all, I did 24″ for my box jump warm-up. It was scary but I DID IT. Until now I’ve been doing 20″. I think I’m going to sand off the corners of my box before I throw 24″ box jumps into my WOD though. That would be agony.

I was too ambitious with my thrusters and ended up having to go down in weight after round one. Live and learn and lose my pride. The SDHP was tough too, I probably should have done a bit less weight. I wasn’t able to focus on form like I’d prefer. And dammmmn those candlesticks were HARD. Clearly I didn’t know what I was missing out on!


I was going to run with Fiona but I was dragging; I hadn’t eaten any carbs yet today and had to really push to finish this WOD. Lesson learned: eat some carbs! Also experienced the “shaky leg”, which is a symptom of not eating a banana that day and not having my electrolytes yet. Overall it was rough.