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I’d planned to do some basic cardio yesterday but ended up being hella sunburned, as in I have a raised line where the burn ends. Pretty sure that’s super unhealthy. Instead I sat on a coffee shop patio for a few hours and studied while sneaking glances at my handsome study buddy. Oh, and we witnessed a car accident where someone in one of the cars already had a broken leg. Classic Virginia.
I’m starting to lift again and apparently didn’t really plan well enough on the shoulder press since I couldn’t finish the last set strict, I had to change to a push press. But I was super happy to get the squats in, I probably could have gone a little heavier. Next time!
I’d planned to get in a WOD but lost my workout space to a jazzercise class. I did learn that all the Navy Seals go to a local base gym, which has a Crossfit setup. I’m going to check that out this weekend if I have time! A friend back home has also recommended Crossfit Krypton, so that’s an option too. In a perfect world I’ll lift 4 days and MetCon 2-3 days.
Shoulder press, 2×10 45-65, 1×10 push press 75#
Back squat 3×10, 95-115-135
Row 2000m, 9:10
3×10 glute-ham raise with 25# plate
3×100 flutterkick


AM Workout
Squats on Smith machine (the barbell broke in the apartment gym), 5×10  95-115-135-155-185

Push ups, 5x10

Bike for 30min, hills, 7.61mi

2 rounds: 50 decline sit ups with 14# ball, 15 knees to elbows

PM Workout
Row 5000m, damper 7

The squats were ok, but I know I wouldn’t be able to lift that much if I were using a barbell. The guide makes it possible to lift more by taking away the balance aspect and allowing me to push forwards or backwards as I push up. The good thing is that I can squat lower and focus more on my knees, so perhaps I’ll get some benefit out of it. The push ups felt awesome! I was so happy about that. This is my first time incorporating the bike into my workout, aside from the times I have done spin class, and it was a nice change.
Finally, rowing 5000m was a huge mental challenge. I kept telling myself “just get to X benchmark [4000, 3000, halfway, etc] and see his you feel…” until finally I made it to 1999 and felt like there was no point in stopping. My right shoulder was pretty tied up from that and required some agonizing mobility work, but it should recover without incident. Probably should have increased distance more gradually instead of jumping from 2500m to 5000m, especially on a day I worked out twice. Lesson learned.

Back Squat



That last set was brutal — somehow I managed to stand up under it after fighting for a solid 30 seconds. It felt like the longest squat on record!


21 kick up to hand stand + push up

14 squat, from ground, 65#


This destroyed my shoulders for a solid 3 days.

My inbox is full of links I’ve emailed to myself. I read my feeds and think “dang, this is really cool stuff! I should share it!” So I email it to myself with the intention of blogging about it, but I don’t really have anything to add. I just want to share it, yet I feel like I should say something thoughtful. I decided to hell with it and I’m just going to post the links. Better to share it than just sit on it, right?!


Guess what I finally get to do after months of waiting for the time to free up? Lifting! xD

And the angels sang as light shone upon the rubber bumper plates and it was good

I’ve been waiting and waiting for my schedule to change in such a way that made morning lifting possible. Now that I have a new job, this is a reality. And I’m super excited! Now I get to go in before work four days a week to lift heavy shit: squat, shoulder press, floor press, deadlift, pull up, power clean, snatch, front squat. It’s magical.

Coach Tony, who is doing my programming

Coach Tony, who does my programming

There’s nothing more awesome than walking in, warming up, and putting up a new PR. And just knowing that I’m systematically working towards a stronger body is gratifying. Augmenting my WOD schedule with lifting is only going to make me a better Crossfitter and it’s just one dimension of the multi-dimensional plan I have to be the best athlete I can possibly be. Another dimension involves running. Less excited about that.

lifting in the morning

On Monday we did Crossfit Total, which I did for the first time: push press, back squat, and deadlift, 3 reps of each with your last rep being your 1RM. Since I had no 1RM for press or squat mine wasn’t technically CF Total cause I had to do multiple reps to find my maxes, but I still kicked ass! See?!


My crowning achievement was the deadlift, fo sho. I think my prior 1RM was 165lb, and last Friday I put up 175lb for a 3RM. I was shooting for 200lb on Monday but went one up on myself. Winner!

I’ll admit I’m disappointed in the squat numbers and rolled my eyes at my press numbers. Seriously, I need me some upper body strength!