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6 rounds

1 High hang snatch  1 low hang snatch – 1 snatch


10min AMRAP

10 power snatch, 35#

15 modified pushups

50 double unders

3 + 16


Check out this post from CF Invictus on easy snatch technique tips — you get to throw elbows at bad guys! I love when people put something complicated into fun, easy to understand terminology.

This was any method of getting the bar from ground to overhead, and I decided snatch was the most efficient. The high reps with low weight also allowed me to focus a lot on technique, which is always important with snatch! I did do a full snatch, not power snatch, which might have been overkill but I’m not complaining. This came from Crossfit Invictus.



For time:

30 snatch

30 pull-ups

400m run

20 snatch

20 pull-ups

400m run

10 snatch

10 pull-ups

400m run

33#, 24:30


Daily Challenge

30 x candlesticks

Running with Fiona is more for her benefit than mine (prepping her for dog shows). We do half a mile at her gallop speed, then half a mile at her trot


On Monday we did Crossfit Total, which I did for the first time: push press, back squat, and deadlift, 3 reps of each with your last rep being your 1RM. Since I had no 1RM for press or squat mine wasn’t technically CF Total cause I had to do multiple reps to find my maxes, but I still kicked ass! See?!


My crowning achievement was the deadlift, fo sho. I think my prior 1RM was 165lb, and last Friday I put up 175lb for a 3RM. I was shooting for 200lb on Monday but went one up on myself. Winner!

I’ll admit I’m disappointed in the squat numbers and rolled my eyes at my press numbers. Seriously, I need me some upper body strength!