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I’d planned to do some basic cardio yesterday but ended up being hella sunburned, as in I have a raised line where the burn ends. Pretty sure that’s super unhealthy. Instead I sat on a coffee shop patio for a few hours and studied while sneaking glances at my handsome study buddy. Oh, and we witnessed a car accident where someone in one of the cars already had a broken leg. Classic Virginia.
I’m starting to lift again and apparently didn’t really plan well enough on the shoulder press since I couldn’t finish the last set strict, I had to change to a push press. But I was super happy to get the squats in, I probably could have gone a little heavier. Next time!
I’d planned to get in a WOD but lost my workout space to a jazzercise class. I did learn that all the Navy Seals go to a local base gym, which has a Crossfit setup. I’m going to check that out this weekend if I have time! A friend back home has also recommended Crossfit Krypton, so that’s an option too. In a perfect world I’ll lift 4 days and MetCon 2-3 days.
Shoulder press, 2×10 45-65, 1×10 push press 75#
Back squat 3×10, 95-115-135
Row 2000m, 9:10
3×10 glute-ham raise with 25# plate
3×100 flutterkick


At Timberline

Shoulder Press – 3,3,3


Push Press — 2,2,2


Push Jerk — 1,1,1


I’ll admit that I was dubious about doing this many shoulder movements, but ultimately it was just right. A good progression that allowed me to keep lifting more and more.


12 Hang Power Clean, 63#

21 ab mat sit ups

200m run


I really liked this WOD, it was a good mix of movements that I like plus running (which I am making myself get better at).

Wayne Creek 17Feb15

It’s this cold out, so I used the apartment gym. Luckily the three dudes in there were cardio nuts and didn’t touch my barbell.

For Time:

4 rounds

1/4 mi run, incline 1, 6mph

10 shoulder press, 45#

10 Russian twists, 8# ball

Then run 1/2 mile


I felt good about the shoulder press, this was the perfect weight for this. And, lo! My running is improving! That 1/4 mile is starting to feel easy already, and the 1/2 mile feels more challenging but doable. Working my way up to a 5k distance — anything more than that is just silly.

3×10 hanging lat pulls

I was thinking about my form on this since my right shoulder seems to engage more. Next time I should focus on engaging my lats since I think I tend to focus on engaging my shoulders.

My new shoes! This is a conservative color scheme, as far as I'm concerned.

My new shoes! This is a conservative color scheme, as far as I’m concerned.


Shoulder Press


3×6 push up


10 RFT

3 clean & jerk, 43#

5 pull ups

10 mountain climbers

15 air squats



3 x 100 flutterkick


5RM Shoulder Press




9min AMRAP

5 burpees

7 box overs, 20″

9 goblet squats, 18lb

6 rounds + 2 reps



25 x toes to bar

I’ve decided to take a more organized approach to my workouts — it’s hard to make (much less track) progress when everything is randomly selected the day of. For that reason I’m going back to a version of the power lifting program I was doing last year. Since I don’t have a power cage yet I’m cutting out the squats, but I will be retaining the deadlift, HPC (working up to clean), floor press, and shoulder press with pull ups and push ups thrown in there too. So let’s say M/Th is pull ups and Tu/Fr is pushups. Something along those lines. The WOD will still be more or less whatever I feel like doing that day, with some thought into the lift I’m doing the day of and the day after. But basically just, “hmmmm, I’m doing HPC today and did shoulder press and deads yesterday….let’s do Annie.” I figure this is one step closer to following a program. Do you think putting a power cage on my Christmas list is too much?



Build up to 5RM Shoulder Press




For Time:

21 Deadlift, 83#*

400m run

18 Deadlift

400m run

15 Deadlift

400m run


*Use same weight for entire WOD



3 x :30 hip bridge

I loved this workout. Since I was coming back from almost two weeks of not working out I was just trying to match my last deadlift, but on the last set I got lazy about changing plates so I just went up 5lb. The last set was hard but doable, and it felt good. The conditioning portion was also pretty awesome; I almost modified to knees to bar but decided I was being a wuss. I’m glad I didn’t because I could totally do the T2B.



3×10 deadlift


Sept 6: 103#-123#-148#

Aug 29: 93#-113#-133#



For time:

800m run

40 burpees

30 toes to bar

20 shoulder press, 33#

10 pull ups




Accum. 2min L-hang