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Row 4 sets:3min work then 1min easy

Total 3077m in 16min

Avg of 2:36.2min / 500m

In work: avg 29 spm and 2:20min / 500m


1000m row @ 7

10 RFT

10 Russian KBS, 35#

10 ab mat sit-ups

1000m row @ 7


Goal is to get as close to 100m as possible, each round subtract 100 from your total to get your round score and sum the scores. (so 102-100 = 2, 97- 100 = 3, and add all scores with goal of zero)

100m row

15 air squat

100m row

15 shoulder row

100m row

10:10 leg swings

100m row

15 KBS (American), 35#



400m run

20 thrusters, 45#

20 pull ups, 2 green bands


2000m row


6 rounds, each round to improve over the previous

400m row



Deadlift, work up to 1RM

7 x 83#

5 x 103#

3 x 123#

1 x 153#

1 x 173#

1 x 193#

1 x 213#

I’d planned to do some basic cardio yesterday but ended up being hella sunburned, as in I have a raised line where the burn ends. Pretty sure that’s super unhealthy. Instead I sat on a coffee shop patio for a few hours and studied while sneaking glances at my handsome study buddy. Oh, and we witnessed a car accident where someone in one of the cars already had a broken leg. Classic Virginia.
I’m starting to lift again and apparently didn’t really plan well enough on the shoulder press since I couldn’t finish the last set strict, I had to change to a push press. But I was super happy to get the squats in, I probably could have gone a little heavier. Next time!
I’d planned to get in a WOD but lost my workout space to a jazzercise class. I did learn that all the Navy Seals go to a local base gym, which has a Crossfit setup. I’m going to check that out this weekend if I have time! A friend back home has also recommended Crossfit Krypton, so that’s an option too. In a perfect world I’ll lift 4 days and MetCon 2-3 days.
Shoulder press, 2×10 45-65, 1×10 push press 75#
Back squat 3×10, 95-115-135
Row 2000m, 9:10
3×10 glute-ham raise with 25# plate
3×100 flutterkick

I try to be adventurous and open minded about fitness, so I did back day with a friend of mine. He does the more standard gym routine of isolation movements, circuit machines, dumbbells, and a little bit of lifting.
Lots of lat movements, it doesn’t really matter which ones.
Deadlift 3×10, 95-135-165
Row 2000m 8:59
I’ll just say that I love Crossfit and whole body workouts. The typical body building regimen is totes not for me!