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3×10 Hang Power Clean




“The Seven”

7 RFT:

7 x incline push-up, 20″

7 x thruster, 43#

7 x knees to elbows

7 x deadlift, 43#

7 x burpee

7 x KBS, 35#

7 x pull up




30 x candlestick


Since I don’t yet have a power cage (which I would rather have than a squat rack; I don’t have one of those either) my main lower body lift is deadlift. I don’t mind that since it’s an easy lift for technique and I typically make quick gains, which is gratifying. The inspiration for this WOD called for 400m runs but I really didn’t feel like running so I subbed double unders.



3×10 Deadlift

93# – 113# – 133#




100 DU

50 air squats

100 DU

50 ab mat sit ups



Daily Challenge

30 x supermans


I almost didn’t work out today, I just wasn’t feeling it. I inspired myself to just try by finding a WOD that had several movements I’ve either never done (Russian step ups) or do very, very seldom (wall climbs). Midway through the strength portion I was still “meh” about it all, but I decided to just push myself through it. The ab roller was lucky to see any action!



3 sets of:

6 deadlift @ 30X1

Rest 45sec

2 wall climbs

Rest 45sec

10 per leg Russian step up

Rest 45sec

8 supine leg lower @ 5010

103#, 24″/18#




400m run

20 KBS

10 goblet squat

35#, Time: 12:18


Daily Challenge

3×10 ab roller

I was going to run with Fiona but I was dragging; I hadn’t eaten any carbs yet today and had to really push to finish this WOD. Lesson learned: eat some carbs! Also experienced the “shaky leg”, which is a symptom of not eating a banana that day and not having my electrolytes yet. Overall it was rough.