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Power Clean, 3×2, 123#



Thruster, 63#

Kipping pull up




My clean form needs WORK! Also I’m not ready for this volume of pull ups, even though I’m capable of performing them. My recovery time was more than 3 days!


Mt last workout at Timberline, it was a bittersweet day!

CrossFit Open 15.4 Scaled

8min AMRAP

10 push press, 53#

10 power clean, 75#

98 reps

Apparently my footwork on the push press is all wrong, I push off of my forefoot rather than through the heel. Need to work on that! It’s the small things that always get me.

And then! And then I did kipping handstand pushups for the first time, and nailed it! I had never even attempted them before, but I did three sets of three. Eeeeeeee! It makes me so happy when I conquer something new. Here’s a video!

Now at Crossfit 757 in Norfolk, VA!

Push Jerk


Power Clean & push jerk: 30 x 55#, 5:12