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Mt last workout at Timberline, it was a bittersweet day!

CrossFit Open 15.4 Scaled

8min AMRAP

10 push press, 53#

10 power clean, 75#

98 reps

Apparently my footwork on the push press is all wrong, I push off of my forefoot rather than through the heel. Need to work on that! It’s the small things that always get me.

And then! And then I did kipping handstand pushups for the first time, and nailed it! I had never even attempted them before, but I did three sets of three. Eeeeeeee! It makes me so happy when I conquer something new. Here’s a video!


At Timberline

I didn’t know there was a scaled division of the CrossFit Open — I totally could have done that! Meh, next year.

CrossFit Open 15.3 (scaled)

14min AMRAP

14 pull ups with blue band, 14 bench dips

50 wall balls, 10# ball

100 double unders

1 round + 131 reps

I was hanging out chit chatting and ended up trying out some of the Strongman equipment.

4 x yoke carry, 2 @ 185#, 2 @ 235#

4 farmer carry, 2 @ 40# per hand, 2 @ 70# per hand

Atlas stone shoulder loads, 2 @ 50#, 2 @ 75#

And then, since I was having so much fun, I did a Strongman WOD:

3 rounds for quality (and time)

2 x farmer carry, 70# per hand

5 Atlas stone shoulder loads, 75#


I think I love Strongman. It’s so much fun to wrangle heavy stuff with just your body!

Lesson learned: wear tees, not tanks, when playing with Atlas stones

Lesson learned: wear tees, not tanks, when playing with Atlas stones