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At Timberline

Zercher Squat, from the ground — 6, 6, 4, 4, 4, 4


It has been ages, years probably, since I did Zercher squats, and I was surprised to find that I quite like them. These were from the ground to simulate a Strongman lift, thanks to Coach Chris Ratelle.


For time:

400m run

30 KBS, 44#

20 pull ups

rest 1 min

400m run

30 goblet squats, 44#

20 push ups

rest 1 min

400m run

30 KB cleans, 35#

20 toes to bar

20:41 Rx+

I feel like such a badass, this was my first Rx+ workout! But now my arms are lead and hopefully they don’t take a stupid amount of time to recover. Since this workout was designed to have 5min rounds I clearly need to do some work!


Remember that post where I realized I was developing actual abs, like on-my-way-to-a-six-pack abs? It’s happening again. At first I thought it was just my fat looking like abs, but then I realized it was actual muscle. Apparently if I just lean up a bit more I would have a six pack. This is enticing… I tried to find a funny pic for us to enjoy but all I found were weirdos taking selfies or people wishing they had abs. Ugh.

As it turns out I’ve never done a 3×10 for cleans — who knew?! I had hoped to end with 73# but wasn’t confident I could maintain form; it felt like my lower back was rounding as I squatted. I was rather pleased that I did 24″ box jumps again; in the past I was never confident enough to move beyond 20″ during workouts. I also realized that I need a heavier kettlebell. Sure, I  felt like my entire body was shaking as I did my KBS (another movement I want to review form on) but in spite of that it felt light. I’ve been putting it off since they are pricey and I have plenty of other things competing for my money (car maintenance, getting Wally’s teeth cleaned, buying a new phone….not to mention the temptation of Athleta and Purpose). I also want to buy dumbells since that would open up a wide range of additional movements such as man-makers, dumbell snatch, dumbell thruster, etc. But the next item on my gym list is a power cage — with that baby I could start doing heavy squats, front squats, presses, etc. Hmmm….


3×10 Clean




AMRAP 10min

10 box jump, 24″

10 deadlift, 78#

10 KBS, 35#

5 + 6



50 x hollow rock

I loved this workout. Since I was coming back from almost two weeks of not working out I was just trying to match my last deadlift, but on the last set I got lazy about changing plates so I just went up 5lb. The last set was hard but doable, and it felt good. The conditioning portion was also pretty awesome; I almost modified to knees to bar but decided I was being a wuss. I’m glad I didn’t because I could totally do the T2B.



3×10 deadlift


Sept 6: 103#-123#-148#

Aug 29: 93#-113#-133#



For time:

800m run

40 burpees

30 toes to bar

20 shoulder press, 33#

10 pull ups




Accum. 2min L-hang


3×10 Hang Power Clean




“The Seven”

7 RFT:

7 x incline push-up, 20″

7 x thruster, 43#

7 x knees to elbows

7 x deadlift, 43#

7 x burpee

7 x KBS, 35#

7 x pull up




30 x candlestick

All week I felt blah about working out. My Monday workout was a drag and after that I just couldn’t bring myself to get busy in the gym. Instead I practiced algebra and watched Longmire. After taking a week off from working out, I was inspired to get back into it with all my favorite things: deadlifts, double unders, and sit ups.



3×10 Deadlift






Double Unders

Ab mat sit ups


Aug 29: 93#-113#-133#

Aug 6: 83#-103#-133#


Daily Challenge

4x:30 Superman holds

I think I finally figured out pushups. They aren’t actually about your arms, but rather your upper back and lats. Instead of pushing up with my arms I focus on “flexing up” with my back, and tada! No blown triceps!

I also doubled my couch stretch time since I could tell my hip flexors were going to be fried if I didn’t. I’d like to be able to use the stairs tomorrow.


First, I want to share this link because amen.
DFL and Proud of It

To be honest, this WOD scared me. I almost didn’t do it but then I realized that I’ve been doing what is easy for me and leaving out what I don’t like, an easy trap to fall into when you do your own programming. Lo and behold, I survived! I did 100 effing burpees. Actually the hardest part was the shoulder to overhead. I’m embarrassed to say I dropped that plate once.

My strategy for burpees was sets of 10, and once I got to 50 I realized that I would be getting an F if I stopped. I wanted an A! Thinking about my progress in terms of test grades helped somehow. The dogs did the runs with me, and honestly the runs were a break. Those sit ups were hard, man.