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At Timberline today — I suspect I’ll be going there full-time once I get back from VA! I’m trying them out during my two weeks back in WA, and so far am really enjoying the community there. Working out is super fun again :)

Max Effort Ring Rows, from parallel


I should have stopped at 4 on the last set. I actually did 6 but the sixth was subpar, and the fifth was only passable. Next time I’ll know better!

EMOM for 20min

Even: 3 cleans

Odd: 6 burpees then double unders until the minute is up

I did 85# cleans and 323 double unders


I was stretching and couldn't get over how much I love these shoes.

I was stretching and couldn’t get over how much I love these shoes.

EMOM for 10min

E: 5 deadlifts, 135#

O: 3 push ups

then, for time:

2000m row

50 jumping squats

30 hang power clean


15 toes to bar

30 V-ups

100 flutter kicks


1. Could have done more on the DL and HPC but I didn’t have any chalk and was using a mens bar (larger diameter shaft), so keeping a good grip was difficult. Not to mention I had sweaty palms from the gym being a billion degrees.

2. The push ups felt good, if I did this again I could do 5.

3. It’s getting tough to find a good ab movement! I want to do more T2B but it was hot in the gym and I couldn’t get a good grip, which is why I threw in the V-ups and flutter kicks.

Felt way better today! On Sat I took an Epsom salt bath in a jetted tub, which was spectacular, and on Sat night I got almost 10hr of sleep followed by a rest day and a sane amount of carbs. Just what I needed.


Running with Fiona is more for her benefit than mine (prepping her for dog shows). We do half a mile at her gallop speed, then half a mile at her trot