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EMOM for 20min

5 cleans, 85#

Kipping HSPU (reps: 5-5-7-7-7-5-5-7-10 burpees-10 burpees)


At Timberline today — I suspect I’ll be going there full-time once I get back from VA! I’m trying them out during my two weeks back in WA, and so far am really enjoying the community there. Working out is super fun again :)

Max Effort Ring Rows, from parallel


I should have stopped at 4 on the last set. I actually did 6 but the sixth was subpar, and the fifth was only passable. Next time I’ll know better!

EMOM for 20min

Even: 3 cleans

Odd: 6 burpees then double unders until the minute is up

I did 85# cleans and 323 double unders

20min AMRAP

50 Wall Balls, 8#

50 DU

40 Box jumps, 20″

40 T2B

30 Pull Ups, with purple band

30 burpees

1 clean, 35#

(1 round would have continued as 20 clean, 20 push jerks, 10 snatches, and 10 muscle ups)

Remember that post where I realized I was developing actual abs, like on-my-way-to-a-six-pack abs? It’s happening again. At first I thought it was just my fat looking like abs, but then I realized it was actual muscle. Apparently if I just lean up a bit more I would have a six pack. This is enticing… I tried to find a funny pic for us to enjoy but all I found were weirdos taking selfies or people wishing they had abs. Ugh.

As it turns out I’ve never done a 3×10 for cleans — who knew?! I had hoped to end with 73# but wasn’t confident I could maintain form; it felt like my lower back was rounding as I squatted. I was rather pleased that I did 24″ box jumps again; in the past I was never confident enough to move beyond 20″ during workouts. I also realized that I need a heavier kettlebell. Sure, I  felt like my entire body was shaking as I did my KBS (another movement I want to review form on) but in spite of that it felt light. I’ve been putting it off since they are pricey and I have plenty of other things competing for my money (car maintenance, getting Wally’s teeth cleaned, buying a new phone….not to mention the temptation of Athleta and Purpose). I also want to buy dumbells since that would open up a wide range of additional movements such as man-makers, dumbell snatch, dumbell thruster, etc. But the next item on my gym list is a power cage — with that baby I could start doing heavy squats, front squats, presses, etc. Hmmm….


3×10 Clean




AMRAP 10min

10 box jump, 24″

10 deadlift, 78#

10 KBS, 35#

5 + 6



50 x hollow rock

I was going to run with Fiona but I was dragging; I hadn’t eaten any carbs yet today and had to really push to finish this WOD. Lesson learned: eat some carbs! Also experienced the “shaky leg”, which is a symptom of not eating a banana that day and not having my electrolytes yet. Overall it was rough.


On Monday we did Crossfit Total, which I did for the first time: push press, back squat, and deadlift, 3 reps of each with your last rep being your 1RM. Since I had no 1RM for press or squat mine wasn’t technically CF Total cause I had to do multiple reps to find my maxes, but I still kicked ass! See?!


My crowning achievement was the deadlift, fo sho. I think my prior 1RM was 165lb, and last Friday I put up 175lb for a 3RM. I was shooting for 200lb on Monday but went one up on myself. Winner!

I’ll admit I’m disappointed in the squat numbers and rolled my eyes at my press numbers. Seriously, I need me some upper body strength!