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25min AMRAP
.25mi run
5 kipping HSPU
15 goblet squat 35# dumbbell
4+1 t2b


20min AMRAP

50 Wall Balls, 8#

50 DU

40 Box jumps, 20″

40 T2B

30 Pull Ups, with purple band

30 burpees

1 clean, 35#

(1 round would have continued as 20 clean, 20 push jerks, 10 snatches, and 10 muscle ups)

Remember that post where I realized I was developing actual abs, like on-my-way-to-a-six-pack abs? It’s happening again. At first I thought it was just my fat looking like abs, but then I realized it was actual muscle. Apparently if I just lean up a bit more I would have a six pack. This is enticing… I tried to find a funny pic for us to enjoy but all I found were weirdos taking selfies or people wishing they had abs. Ugh.

As it turns out I’ve never done a 3×10 for cleans — who knew?! I had hoped to end with 73# but wasn’t confident I could maintain form; it felt like my lower back was rounding as I squatted. I was rather pleased that I did 24″ box jumps again; in the past I was never confident enough to move beyond 20″ during workouts. I also realized that I need a heavier kettlebell. Sure, I  felt like my entire body was shaking as I did my KBS (another movement I want to review form on) but in spite of that it felt light. I’ve been putting it off since they are pricey and I have plenty of other things competing for my money (car maintenance, getting Wally’s teeth cleaned, buying a new phone….not to mention the temptation of Athleta and Purpose). I also want to buy dumbells since that would open up a wide range of additional movements such as man-makers, dumbell snatch, dumbell thruster, etc. But the next item on my gym list is a power cage — with that baby I could start doing heavy squats, front squats, presses, etc. Hmmm….


3×10 Clean




AMRAP 10min

10 box jump, 24″

10 deadlift, 78#

10 KBS, 35#

5 + 6



50 x hollow rock

I haven’t worked out in nearly 2 weeks due to necessity, but I did want to! Today was my first day back and, even though I considered bagging it to watch Brooklyn 99 or read a novel, I did it and I’m happy. It was a very upper body-centric WOD and I can feel how weak the little muscles are in my arms. You know, the ones that remind you that you worked out even though you’re not actually sore. This was inspired by one of my source blogs, but I don’t remember which one.


4 sets of:

5 x shoulder press @ 20X1

Rest 60sec

3 x strict pull up

Rest 60sec




AMRAP in 7min

15 x incline push ups

20 x box jump

24″ (both PU and BJ), 3+14



6 sets of:

:30 plank

:05 rest