I decided to resubscribe to some Crossfit feeds that are article based and not just workout based, and I must have good timing because I found a bunch of great articles!

Chains for Gains: using chains while lifting in order to enhance muscle recruitment. I see myself getting some chains for the home gym this summer.

Got Control?: focusing on control will ultimately make you a better athlete

Reflections of My First Crossfit Open: reading this I saw my own thoughts written down; it’s nice to know I’m in good company when it comes to mental strength!

Why you shouldn’t go Rx: when you could go Rx, and why you probably aren’t ready to yet (and that’s OK)

Paleo Disillusioned: I personally have been in a nutritional rut (eating a jar of peanut butter a week…) and reading this made me re-evaluate. I’m still “paleo” but am making an effort to eat more carbs in the form of fruit and starchy veg, plus adding more salt; I’ve been having a lot fewer cravings!