The apartment gym is sadly in a state of decline since now it’s not only lacking a barbell, but the rower mysteriously disappeared. I advised the manager to buy a Rogue bar, and hopefully they track down the rower. At some point I’ll try going to the actual crossfit gym so I can stop complaining.
In the meantime I’ll be tagging along with a friend who does more conventional workouts, I guess more body building style? Maybe a little power lifting? I don’t even know, but I want to learn. And I’ll be making things up with dumbbells…ooh, I can try man-makers! The rower is a huge loss since running is too high impact on my foot and biking is so quad dominant. Eventually I could try swimming…

50 DU
Ground to overhead, 5 per side (basically a clean and a push press), 35#

Then I had fencing class for 1.5 hours, which is so much fun. I’m learning how to sword fight!