AM Workout
Squats on Smith machine (the barbell broke in the apartment gym), 5×10  95-115-135-155-185

Push ups, 5x10

Bike for 30min, hills, 7.61mi

2 rounds: 50 decline sit ups with 14# ball, 15 knees to elbows

PM Workout
Row 5000m, damper 7

The squats were ok, but I know I wouldn’t be able to lift that much if I were using a barbell. The guide makes it possible to lift more by taking away the balance aspect and allowing me to push forwards or backwards as I push up. The good thing is that I can squat lower and focus more on my knees, so perhaps I’ll get some benefit out of it. The push ups felt awesome! I was so happy about that. This is my first time incorporating the bike into my workout, aside from the times I have done spin class, and it was a nice change.
Finally, rowing 5000m was a huge mental challenge. I kept telling myself “just get to X benchmark [4000, 3000, halfway, etc] and see his you feel…” until finally I made it to 1999 and felt like there was no point in stopping. My right shoulder was pretty tied up from that and required some agonizing mobility work, but it should recover without incident. Probably should have increased distance more gradually instead of jumping from 2500m to 5000m, especially on a day I worked out twice. Lesson learned.