I’ve been struggling to get back into my workout groove since coming back to VA. I haven’t been able to make myself go back to CF757, mostly because Timberline CF spoiled me. In just 2 weeks I was addicted to that wonderful feeling of going to hang out with friends at the gym for an hour. CF757 hasn’t warmed up to me in that way, although they do have pretty much every other awesome quality. So maybe I’m just being a baby. Last week I tried to do 15.5 but some dude in the apartment gym decided to use every single piece of equipment in the gym, from the barbell to the decline sit up bench to the TRX. Ugh.

Fortunately I decided to try a new tactic: going to the apt gym later in the evening. Instead of going at 4:30 I went at about 6:30 and it made all the difference. Only one guy was in there! Plus I had good timing and snagged the barbell before anyone else could grab it. Yeah, one crappy barbell for the whole gym. I really miss my garage gym right now.


Front Rack Reverse Lunge, 4 rounds of 4 reps per leg




10 RDL, 115#

5 Kipping HSPU


I think I could have done better on the RDL technique, but that being said I was so stoked to finally do HSPU in a workout for the first time! The last round was a real struggle but I finished it, albeit not with stunning form.


2×50 decline sit ups with 14# med ball


1.5mi run @ 5.5mph, incline 1