At Timberline

Zercher Squat, from the ground — 6, 6, 4, 4, 4, 4


It has been ages, years probably, since I did Zercher squats, and I was surprised to find that I quite like them. These were from the ground to simulate a Strongman lift, thanks to Coach Chris Ratelle.


For time:

400m run

30 KBS, 44#

20 pull ups

rest 1 min

400m run

30 goblet squats, 44#

20 push ups

rest 1 min

400m run

30 KB cleans, 35#

20 toes to bar

20:41 Rx+

I feel like such a badass, this was my first Rx+ workout! But now my arms are lead and hopefully they don’t take a stupid amount of time to recover. Since this workout was designed to have 5min rounds I clearly need to do some work!