It has been way too long since I worked out! OK, so I did workout on Sunday, but it had been over a week. I need to up my game, so today I tried out Timberline CrossFit. I loved the people there — I enjoy the gym I go to in Norfolk but the people around Kitsap County are just friendlier. I dunno why, but they are my peeps. I felt so much more at home! Needless to say I want to go back.

Front Rack Lunges



5 push ups

5 KBS, 35#

100m sprint


I did the first 5 rounds Rx, then had to do modified push ups for the second 5 rounds. I was happy that I got 5 rounds Rx, that was a huge improvement in my push ups! And now I must go take an epsom salt bath, I feel my arms getting tight. Crossing fingers I was smart and didn’t push myself too hard.