I love watching fitness documentaries, they always inspire me to work harder. Not that I want to actually be a body builder (or even look like one), but those folks work SO hard for their bodies!

I just watched Generation Iron and am now trying to think how I can eat cleaner… Sure, I could workout more, but after last week’s Feb 11 workout I was reminded that I need to workout smarter, not harder — that workout destroyed my shoulders to the point where I couldn’t workout for 2 days and the discomfort woke me up at night. It’s difficult to find the balancing point that allows advancement without injury, restraint without holding oneself back. I do a really good job of scaling and modifying workouts, knowing my own limits, but I need to do something about this shoulder issue. I need more strength! So, in addition to my normal workouts, I probably need to start doing random sets of push ups throughout the day and working on shoulder press more frequently. Plus keep it all moving smooth with mobility work.

Oh, back to the clean eating thing. Paleo is pretty clean, and I’m probably cleaner than most since I do a more strict Paleo, ie no “paleo” cupcakes. But I could eat less fruit. And probably keep an eye on my nut butter intake. And keep the alcohol intake low (it already is low, but could be better). Umm…yeah. I can’t do much else unless I cut out green beans for being too starchy, and that just seems extreme.

Also, I need to run more since I feel like my endurance is garbage. So maybe I’ll start doing extra workouts with push press and running.