I decided to decorate the garage gym a little by putting up a few posters. You know that one poster of Annie Thorisdottir? The one where she is doing kipping pull ups or something? The one that is in EVERY SINGLE CROSSFIT GYM EVER?! According to the internet it doesn’t exist. And this annoys me, in case the caps didn’t indicate that already. I settled on two posters of Rich Froning Jr, plus an awesome poster of the CrossFit Benchmark Girls that I “made” and ordered from Vistaprint for about $25! And this one you can make too.

Go to the East Dallas CrossFit website for the PDF download and instructions on how to do it. I got mine in matte finish since I didn’t want to spring an extra $10 for glossy and it’s totally fine. Also, the poster is plastic rather than paper, so it will hold up well in the garage. It took a little more than a week maybe for it to arrive? You could also try Costco — I lost patience with their website and gave up on them.