I’ve decided to take a more organized approach to my workouts — it’s hard to make (much less track) progress when everything is randomly selected the day of. For that reason I’m going back to a version of the power lifting program I was doing last year. Since I don’t have a power cage yet I’m cutting out the squats, but I will be retaining the deadlift, HPC (working up to clean), floor press, and shoulder press with pull ups and push ups thrown in there too. So let’s say M/Th is pull ups and Tu/Fr is pushups. Something along those lines. The WOD will still be more or less whatever I feel like doing that day, with some thought into the lift I’m doing the day of and the day after. But basically just, “hmmmm, I’m doing HPC today and did shoulder press and deads yesterday….let’s do Annie.” I figure this is one step closer to following a program. Do you think putting a power cage on my Christmas list is too much?



Build up to 5RM Shoulder Press




For Time:

21 Deadlift, 83#*

400m run

18 Deadlift

400m run

15 Deadlift

400m run


*Use same weight for entire WOD



3 x :30 hip bridge