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Monthly Archives: November 2014


3×10 floor press


Sept 2: 58#-68#-73#

Aug 7: 53#-63#-68#

Aug 1: 53#-63#-63#




OH Squat, 33#

KB Swing, 35#




50 x candlesticks


Soooooo….. I had to take a week and a half off since I kind of overdid the pushups on Nov 3. Apparently doing max rep pushups isn’t “easing your way back into pushups.” I had a huge adhesion in my left tricep — I never learn. Except maybe now, maybe this will teach me.


3×10 deadlift


Sept 20: 103#-123#-153#

Sept 6: 103#-123#-148#

Aug 29: 93#-113#-133#



10 box jump, 20″

5 pull ups

15sec hand stand



3 x 100 flutterkicks

Monday having been top heavy and Tuesday having been bottom heavy, today I was pretty much sore all over. I decided to do something that would use all of my muscles without really working any of the major groups. The perfect solution: running and situps.

Since I don’t have much of a workout to share, I thought I’d share what I do for my warmup and my mobility. Normally I take a 5-prong approach to my workout: warmup, strength, conditioning (the WOD), daily ab challenge, and mobility. Warmups are always dynamic movements; mobility is static stretching. The PVC movements are included in every warmup — as is some kind of initial full body blood pumper (such as running, jumping jacks, double unders, etc) — but the other movements change up depending on what is sore and what I’ll be working that day. Today my arms and hamstrings were the most sore, which is why I selected what I did.

I’ve found this approach to be a HUGE game changer in terms of my mobility and recovery. My hip flexors are no longer rock hard; I can actually do a full squat with my feet should width apart and only 15-30 degrees out. Instead of having massive adhesions in my forearms, they have normal soreness, the kind that goes away within a day or two. I attribute a lot of this to the PVC movements and the fact that I do couch and pigeon stretch after every single workout.


100 single unders

4x garage, bear crawl

2x garage, inch worm

15 air squats

*15 pass through (aka shoulder pass)

*15 good morning

*15 overhead squat

*these are done with a PVC bar



400m run

50 ab mat sit ups



1min each, calf on post

*1min each, couch stretch

*1min each, pigeon stretch

1min up dog

1min child’s pose

1min each, triceps stretch (holding small kettlebell)

*done after every workout


Pause squat

7 rounds

7 reps

hold bottom of squat for 7 seconds




10min AMRAP

10 KBS, 35#

10 box jumps, 20″

10 hollow rock

6 rounds + 9 reps

Yeah, you saw right. It’s been over 5 weeks since my last workout. I would love to say I have a great excuse for this lapse, but in the end they’re just excuses. I think a big part of it was that my old job left me feeling drained every single day. Luckily I started a brand new, awesome job today and I’m feeling inspired to get back at it! Plus my new job will be sending me to Norfolk VA in a few months and I plan to join a gym there. I also plan to arrive with a decent level of athleticism and fitness so I can take advantage of the skill work coaching.


3 rounds

max rep strict push ups


12 deadlifts




Thruster, 33#

Pull up


Ab mat sit ups


I was too weak and near pukey to do an ab challenge, plus I did sit ups in my WOD