I haven’t worked out in nearly 2 weeks due to necessity, but I did want to! Today was my first day back and, even though I considered bagging it to watch Brooklyn 99 or read a novel, I did it and I’m happy. It was a very upper body-centric WOD and I can feel how weak the little muscles are in my arms. You know, the ones that remind you that you worked out even though you’re not actually sore. This was inspired by one of my source blogs, but I don’t remember which one.


4 sets of:

5 x shoulder press @ 20X1

Rest 60sec

3 x strict pull up

Rest 60sec




AMRAP in 7min

15 x incline push ups

20 x box jump

24″ (both PU and BJ), 3+14



6 sets of:

:30 plank

:05 rest