I was pleased with my increases in floor press, and am finally utilizing this blog for what I had intended: tracking my progress! I post my workouts instead of writing them down in a log somewhere because I’m a lazy nerd. I don’t want to flip through a notebook, I want to search tags. I initially started with 63# in HPC but quickly realized that was egotistical of me and I wouldn’t make it through without potentially damaging myself, so after 9 reps I backed it down to 53#. On the other hand I’m definitely ready to move up to 24″ box jumps since the 20″ is no longer a challenge. Mainly I was too afraid of busted up shins from being tired and missing.I also need to up my game on flutter kicks since I managed to do 100 in a row all three times; maybe I need to start doing 100 per leg three times?

What’s crazy is that this is only half of the conditioning workout; the full workout was all of that twice!



3×10 Floor Press


Aug 7: 53#-63#-68#

Aug 1: 53#-63#-63#



For Time:

50 DU, then…


HPC, 53#


Box jumps, 20″

….then 50 DU



Daily Challenge

3 x 100 flutter kicks