Did you know that Oreos are vegan? Now I’m not vegan, but since I’m allergic to dairy and eggs I generally only eat vegan desserts. This has led to Oreos becoming my dirty little secret cheat. Don’t feel like non-dairy ice cream again, or a bar of dark chocolate? Get Oreos.

Here’s the thing though: I never feel better after eating Oreos. In fact I don’t even feel good. Not in the pure guilt way after eating ice cream. More like the “I feel kind of nauseous and icky” way. So I’m wondering, why do I still eat them?

I’ve found that lots of sugar generally makes me feel nauseous, and with my re-dedication to eating well I’m keenly aware of all the terrible things found in Oreos. This is my question to myself: if it doesn’t help you, in fact hurts your body and performance, and makes you feel sick, perhaps you should stop eating that? It’s a choice, after all.

Also I’m reading The Paleo Approach and just covered the antioxidant section, in which we’re reminded that high-glycemic diets cause much more inflammation than low-glycemic diets. As someone with allergies and sporadic (food-induced) asthma, inflammation is a big deal.