When I went to the farmer’s market the other week I was looking for offal, specifically liver and kidney. I found that and more; I was presented with a bull testicle. High on the “I’m eating the WHOLE ANIMAL” buzz, my boyfriend and I decided to give it a shot. Neither of us has ever eaten testicles or knew how to cook them, but Google. We found a recipe that involved grilling them, which sounded better than the fried or boiled options we came across. As it turns out there’s a reason every recipe (except this one) tells you to remove the membrane: it’s totally inedible. Even my dogs gave up on it; it’s that tough and chewy. The edible parts were actually pretty good, very mild in flavor and a texture similar to a scallop. I would try them again, but sans membrane.


For the kidneys I decided to make no-bean chili; I’ve never had kidneys so I wasn’t sure how “organ-y” they would taste or what the texture would end up as. It turned out really well, aside from having way too much heat for me. I made this again and cut the cayenne entirely, but it was still too hot for me. I think I need to cut some of the chili powder? I’ll try it again! See how pretty the veggies are that go in it?