Bone broth has a reputation for being good for you and having all kinds of health benefits, so I decided to try making it again. I say “again” because I did it once before and it was kind of gross. Actually, I think all broth is gross if you don’t put salt in it, and none of the recipes call for salt. Unfortunately even this recent one, which turned out great, didn’t have salt in it and I didn’t think to add it until after I tasted it and said “huh, this would be pretty good if it was salted; it’s kind of gross without salt.” Do people just drink plain bone broth and go “mmm mmm good!”? Cause I don’t.

That being said, I do want all the benefits of consuming homemade bone broth, so when I saw Stupid Easy Paleo post Bone Broth 101, with both comments on the benefits and tips on how to make it awesome, I decided to do it. And it turned out way better! But it still needs salt, and to be totally honest I haven’t been eating it (it’s a gelatin so I say “eating”). Somehow it doesn’t make to the top of my daily priority list. Guess I should work on that.