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Monthly Archives: August 2014

This was any method of getting the bar from ground to overhead, and I decided snatch was the most efficient. The high reps with low weight also allowed me to focus a lot on technique, which is always important with snatch! I did do a full snatch, not power snatch, which might have been overkill but I’m not complaining. This came from Crossfit Invictus.



For time:

30 snatch

30 pull-ups

400m run

20 snatch

20 pull-ups

400m run

10 snatch

10 pull-ups

400m run

33#, 24:30


Daily Challenge

30 x candlesticks


Since I don’t yet have a power cage (which I would rather have than a squat rack; I don’t have one of those either) my main lower body lift is deadlift. I don’t mind that since it’s an easy lift for technique and I typically make quick gains, which is gratifying. The inspiration for this WOD called for 400m runs but I really didn’t feel like running so I subbed double unders.



3×10 Deadlift

93# – 113# – 133#




100 DU

50 air squats

100 DU

50 ab mat sit ups



Daily Challenge

30 x supermans


When I went to the farmer’s market the other week I was looking for offal, specifically liver and kidney. I found that and more; I was presented with a bull testicle. High on the “I’m eating the WHOLE ANIMAL” buzz, my boyfriend and I decided to give it a shot. Neither of us has ever eaten testicles or knew how to cook them, but Google. We found a recipe that involved grilling them, which sounded better than the fried or boiled options we came across. As it turns out there’s a reason every recipe (except this one) tells you to remove the membrane: it’s totally inedible. Even my dogs gave up on it; it’s that tough and chewy. The edible parts were actually pretty good, very mild in flavor and a texture similar to a scallop. I would try them again, but sans membrane.


For the kidneys I decided to make no-bean chili; I’ve never had kidneys so I wasn’t sure how “organ-y” they would taste or what the texture would end up as. It turned out really well, aside from having way too much heat for me. I made this again and cut the cayenne entirely, but it was still too hot for me. I think I need to cut some of the chili powder? I’ll try it again! See how pretty the veggies are that go in it?


I almost didn’t work out today, I just wasn’t feeling it. I inspired myself to just try by finding a WOD that had several movements I’ve either never done (Russian step ups) or do very, very seldom (wall climbs). Midway through the strength portion I was still “meh” about it all, but I decided to just push myself through it. The ab roller was lucky to see any action!



3 sets of:

6 deadlift @ 30X1

Rest 45sec

2 wall climbs

Rest 45sec

10 per leg Russian step up

Rest 45sec

8 supine leg lower @ 5010

103#, 24″/18#




400m run

20 KBS

10 goblet squat

35#, Time: 12:18


Daily Challenge

3×10 ab roller


3 x 12 Shoulder Press

33# – 43# – 48#

That last set was touuuuuuuugh!!! I had to really work to squeak out those last 3 reps



14min AMRAP

3 Hang Power Clean

6 hand release push-ups

9 box jumps

27 double unders

63#, 20″ box

I’ve decided I need to do a lot more HPC — it would make a huge difference in my snatch and clean.


Daily Challenge

3 x 15 hollow rock



.5mi fast (2:48)

.5mi slow (4:07)

Bone broth has a reputation for being good for you and having all kinds of health benefits, so I decided to try making it again. I say “again” because I did it once before and it was kind of gross. Actually, I think all broth is gross if you don’t put salt in it, and none of the recipes call for salt. Unfortunately even this recent one, which turned out great, didn’t have salt in it and I didn’t think to add it until after I tasted it and said “huh, this would be pretty good if it was salted; it’s kind of gross without salt.” Do people just drink plain bone broth and go “mmm mmm good!”? Cause I don’t.

That being said, I do want all the benefits of consuming homemade bone broth, so when I saw Stupid Easy Paleo post Bone Broth 101, with both comments on the benefits and tips on how to make it awesome, I decided to do it. And it turned out way better! But it still needs salt, and to be totally honest I haven’t been eating it (it’s a gelatin so I say “eating”). Somehow it doesn’t make to the top of my daily priority list. Guess I should work on that.