Hey. So yeah, it’s been pretty dead around here. I haven’t done a real WOD since June 28 because of all my broken, so I kind of had nothing to talk about other than how depressing it was/is to go from athlete to….person in rehab? I found out a few things though:


  • I blew up both of my triceps by doing about 150 pushups like the first series of images on this website. Technically correct but horribly stupid in retrospect. Why would you do a huge number of pushups in a format that basically isolates your triceps? This taught me to be more thoughtful about what technique is appropriate for me.
  • Going through the L1 opened my eyes to a new perspective and I will definitely be more intelligent and involved in my own journey as an athlete. Caveat emptor — be an educated consumer whether you’re buying shoes or buying into a way of thinking!
  • Crossfit is a permanent part of my life, but it’s no longer going to be my life. Wherever I go with this lifestyle I will always have a life outside of Crossfit.


Aside from that I’m pouring all of my energy into healing my arms. I’m getting massages and ART (which is agonizingly painful, btw), doing hot yoga, and basically just taking it easy. Some (well-meaning) people have suggested that I say screw it and just go back to working out. And don’t think it’s not tempting! I went from identifying myself as an athlete to feeling like a fake when my co-workers say I do Crossfit. The mental drain of these injuries is nothing to shake a stick at, but I vehemently say hell to the no. The goal here is holistic: heal my arms so that I can have a longer, healthier athletic life.


Oh, and I forgot to mention that my tail bone is still messed up (and probably will be until 2014). Every morning and most evenings you can find me with an ice pack down my pants, looking like I dropped a load in an adult diaper.


Many days I feel like Sisyphus, pushing uphill the giant rock of my recovery.



Sisyphus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)