I’m something of an RSS feed addict. Ain’t nobody got time to sit at a computer and read stuff! No way, I do it on my phone. And since I always have my phone, I have a lot of RSS feeds and I’m always adding new ones.

Recently I found CrossFit Lisbeth: Words of the Day. I think someone shared a link on Facebook, leading me to the blog, leading me to read the previous 5 posts or so, leading me to subscribe. So….yeah. All this rambling to say: it’s an awesome blog! You should definitely go check it out! Lisbeth Darsh says some pretty insightful things about CrossFit, and life in general. And I gotta say, it’s a relief to know that I’m not alone in thinking the way I do sometimes. Apparently it’s just because I’m human.

Now, for your random viewing pleasure….