Last night I shadowed my first WOD — it was kind of intense! I had expected to just stand on the sidelines and watch (which I did do) but John threw me in and had me actually do some coaching on the front squats. I found that I was actually pretty comfortable with my knowledge on the technique; where I felt awkward was on the actual coaching part: what to say, when to say it, how to positively reinforce the correct movement while simultaneously improving on a weak area.

I am incredibly hard on myself because in everything I do, I want to be the best I can possibly be. Not necessarily the best in the world, but the best I can be. As a result I tend to focus on the areas where I’m weak rather than where I’m strong since I’m only as strong as my weakest link. That being said, I was pretty happy with how it all went. John and my friends gave me positive feedback, and, although I felt incredibly awkward most of the time, I felt like I knew what I was looking for. This was a great first step down the road of becoming a Crossfit coach!