For the past several weeks I’ve been seriously considering  whether or not I wanted to get certified as a Crossfit coach. It’s a pretty intimidating step for me because coaching shines a giant spotlight on the gaps in my knowledge and skill. On the other hand it also forces me to learn more and practice agile thinking, which will make me a better athlete. So really I’m just being selfish. :) After going to Regionals (as a spectator) I realized that Crossfit people are my people, though, and that I really do want to fall down this rabbit hole.

I talked to John, the owner of SCF and one of the coaches, and he encouraged me to do it, saying he would absolutely support that endeavor and provide the mentoring I need to go from noob to leet. This morning I took a deep breath and registered for the Crossfit L1 cert coming up in July.  It was pretty scary to plunk down $1000! I’m both super nervous and super excited — I really wouldn’t have taken the leap except that my friend Tierney is going too.

Oh. And then I found out that Crossfit has a variety of sport specific certs as well as a self-defense course. I’m going to be very poor if I don’t show some self-restraint!