I’m always jealous of people who can eat eggs. I could eat eggs, too, up until about 2008. Then I developed food allergies and could no longer consume eggs or dairy. Well, I could and did but I really paid the price for it. Eggs cause me to get itchy and develop hives. Classic allergy symptoms. Dairy gives me asthma. And eating either category causes me to become allergic to animals, which I’m completely not OK with. I would rather cut out the most convenient form of tasty protein in existence than live without my animals.

So I completely cut out eggs and dairy in June 2012. Now when I consume them by accident (and very, very occasionally a tiny bit of dairy on purpose in something like chocolate) I really feel it! Going paleo definitely made it easier to avoid these things since primarily I was consuming them in baked goods or sandwiches. Now when I eat baked goods it’s vegan (because no eggs/dairy), which means almost never because ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat!

English: Three chicken eggs of contrasting col...

Eggs. My nemesis. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Where I’m going with this is breakfast. The first meal of the day typically centers around eggs, which is awesome for everyone except me. Going out for breakfast is such a b*tch, ugh.

My breakfast is often not much different than my lunch: sausage links, lunch meat, hamburger/sausage patties, peanut butter. I’ll usually throw in some fruit too, like a banana or apple. But! Recently I found a recipe for butternut squash breakfast porridge on The Urban Poser. There are also instructions on how to perfectly roast your squash. I add pecans, shredded coconut, strawberries, and coconut milk. It’s delicious. And! It keeps me full until lunch. This is, indeed, amazing.

And just so you know, I was drinking a beer as I wrote this. Because I wanted to remind you that I’m not THAT paleo.