I love my box. For you non-Crossfit people out there I’m referring to my gym, not part of my anatomy. Gross.

One of the things that attracted me to Crossfit was the community atmosphere of the entire franchise, and this was evident on my first day at Silverdale Crossfit. I went into the free WOD, which I’ve since learned is always a running WOD and I now avoid like the plague, and barely survived. I was literally the last person done, but as I finished my last round at least three people joined in with me and finished it with me. Meaning they had finished WOD and were now working out with me for moral support. How cool is that?!

I have tons of fabulous new friends since I joined SCF! And we’re all super sexy, too. Cause we do Crossfit.

It’s not easy to find a good gym; if it were people wouldn’t right articles about how to do it. In my experience most gyms feels impersonal and intimidating for newbies, not to mention overwhelming when you have no idea what you’re doing. Going to other gyms was always a monumental feat of self-motivation for me. Now that I’ve discovered SCF I’m eager to go to the gym! When I don’t go for too long the coaches start FB’ing me and asking what’s up. When I miss a workout my friends text me for the 411 and say they missed me. And when I do go I’m welcomed with hugs and smiles and all the support I need to make it through a tough and technical workout. Another massive benefit: someone else does the programming. I like showing up and being told what to do by someone who can make sure I do it right. I’m pleased as punch that I found an awesome gym, and I can only hope that others looking for a fitness place to call home find the right fit.