As you may have noticed, I have a tumblr account. I opened it in Aug 2012 to keep myself motivated by posting pix and to keep track of useful links I found, as well as tasty recipes. As is expected I followed numerous blogs, all geared towards fitness. Eventually, however, I became frustrated with the material that was popping up on my dash: skinny girls with zero muscle, women who have a literal one in a million body type being idolized as an ideal, the words “tone” popping up whenever a skinny girl showed up in a bikini. Why were so many girls/women coveting a body type that they would never have? And I mean never in the sense that you can’t change your basic skeletal and muscular phenotype, so why pine for a body that’s impossible for you to have? Why not love your own body? This graphic (which I found on tumblr) is a pretty good attitude to take towards your body.

You're human, therefore you're totally sexy

You’re human, therefore you’re totally sexy [btw, not my image, no idea where it came from, help?]