Guess what I finally get to do after months of waiting for the time to free up? Lifting! xD

And the angels sang as light shone upon the rubber bumper plates and it was good

I’ve been waiting and waiting for my schedule to change in such a way that made morning lifting possible. Now that I have a new job, this is a reality. And I’m super excited! Now I get to go in before work four days a week to lift heavy shit: squat, shoulder press, floor press, deadlift, pull up, power clean, snatch, front squat. It’s magical.

Coach Tony, who is doing my programming

Coach Tony, who does my programming

There’s nothing more awesome than walking in, warming up, and putting up a new PR. And just knowing that I’m systematically working towards a stronger body is gratifying. Augmenting my WOD schedule with lifting is only going to make me a better Crossfitter and it’s just one dimension of the multi-dimensional plan I have to be the best athlete I can possibly be. Another dimension involves running. Less excited about that.

lifting in the morning