This week I started a new lifting regimen, which means I now lift M/Tu/Th/F mornings and WOD M/W/F evenings, plus Oly on Sat AM and the random yoga class. Oh, and I plan to throw running drills/C25K in there soon-ish. Shut up, I’m not over-committed. So anyway, on Monday morning I worked up to 3RM’s on squat (175lb) and shoulder press (80lb), then in the evening did WOD: 145lb deadlifts x 8, air squat x 40, and pushup x 15, 5 rounds. On Tues morning I worked up to a 5RM on deadlift (195lb).

Surprise, my back was complaining on Wed! I know, you’re totally shocked that doing one million deadlifts would leave my lower back a bit tight and sore. Then I found out what WOD was last night: deadlifts, thrusters, and power cleans. Those are my moves, yo! I LOVE deadlifts, can blow through some thrusters, and power cleans make me feel like a beast. So yeah, I was stoked. Except for my back reminding me that doing more deadlifts was probably a bad idea. You know, soreness and potential injury and overuse. God, lower back, why you gotta rain on my parade?! So I consulted with my friend Tierney, because obviously I can’t be my own voice of reason when it comes to Crossfit. We agreed that if I could check my ego and lift light, I could probably WOD no problem.

Unfortunately I had very little faith in my ability to walk away from that WOD with low numbers, so I didn’t go. I know me, and I know that when faced with my favorite lifts I would have walked in with swagger and out with problems. Problems I don’t want or need. I’m rather proud of myself for being good to my body even though it didn’t feel like it. Not working out never feels like the right thing to do, but I’m discovering that rest days are pretty critical to both performance improvement and injury prevention. Hmm… Maybe I don’t need to WOD at 100% effort every time? Now there’s a thought.