There are certain things in life that I try to understand but even as I say aloud, “oh yeah, ok, I get it,” inside I’m shaking my head and shrugging my shoulders in confusion. Deep fried Twinkies: isn’t that like breading bread? Or pants around your knees: could you actually run from the cops in those? And speaking of, what’s with running?! Why the heck do people do that?!?

I’m not a runner. For a long time I wanted to be a runner because (for some bizarre reason) I idolized them. I guess it’s because our culture puts runners on a pedestal. You don’t see many pictures of weightlifters in athletic magazines, do you? Or martial artists? Or even Crossfitters? Mostly runners and yogis. So I tried running for a couple months and did Couch to 5K. It was a good program and it did wonders for my dog! In fact it’s now my go-to conditioning program for show dogs, but for me it was uber lame. I saw almost no change in my physique and it was incredibly boring. Sure, I probably had a healthier heart and lungs. Don’t care, I hate running. I quickly got over my starstruck-ness of runners and moved on to envying people like Jenny Labaw.

On the other hand, however, I want to be a better Crossfitter. As a result I will have to do some form of cardio, at some point. *exaggerated sigh* At the Games they’ve done some runs, swims, and rowing. I have to be able to do that stuff, which means I can’t just lift and do MetCons all the time. I have to get in some 5k runs, rowing, and maybe even swimming or cycling. Well, not cycling. The idea of riding a bike in a crowded area (read: any moving object within 30 yards) is enough to make me pat the bike seat gingerly and step away. Given how pricey rowing machines and swimming pools are I’ll probably just start up C25K again since then I can condition Wally, too. The little bugger needs muscle to keep him winning Breed and gaiting properly. Oops, just nerded out there, sorry!

Running. A necessary evil.