13.3 was the one with 150 wall balls, right? I think so. 13.3 made my knee quite unhappy. I did all 150 wall balls (ahem, with 8lb) and even did 6 double unders (which is amazing since I’d never successfully done even one before that!), and then for 2 weeks my right knee was in a hate-hate relationship with me. This wasn’t entirely surprising since I already have some knee issues, but it was painful and frustrating. I went to the chiro and he worked his magical magic, making it feel a lot better. Unfortunately it was a two-magic-visits kind of issue, so two chiro visits, some foam rolling, a few Epsom bathes, and a while lot of icing, my knee is feeling friendly. Something else my chiro told me was that the knee issue was actually originating from my hip and ITB. Hmmmm…

A couple weeks later I did 130 pushups for one of the Girls, which has left me struggling with left shoulder issues to this day. I’ve heated, applied minty patches (Salonpas), foam rolled, lacrosse balled, and then finally got a massage. My friend Tisha is an amazing massage therapist and after an hour of bliss she told me that my real problem is not my shoulder, but my pecs. Apparently my boob muscles are ridiculously tight and pulling my shoulders forward, in addition to regular tightness in the shoulders, back, and arms. Hmmmm….

It both fascinates and annoys me that one body part can cause a chain reaction that presents in another body part. You think it’s your knee but, surprise! It’s your hip, sucka! To me this means I need to take a holistic approach to fitness and recovery. That means full body stretching, foam rolling, chiro, and massage; lots of technique focus; supplements like fish oil, ZMA, and Zyflamend; and looking into things like knee sleeves. Finally, it means making sure to be mindful of my entire body rather than focusing on the problem area. And that will keep me trucking along towards my goals.