Apparently I workout too hard, too often. I can’t wrap my head around this, actually, but it has been said by those who would know. Plus I’m way too competitive and strong-willed to admit it to myself. Which is why I have this problem!

Lately it seems like everything is broken. It all started with my right knee. I did one meeellion wall balls (ok, 150 at 8lb) for 13.3 and then for two weeks my knee was crap. Then I did something…oh yeah: 130 pushups a couple weeks ago and now my left shoulder is crap (but my right knee is fine, so ha!). Needless to say this rains on my parade and slows my roll. How am I supposed to be a total badass when I’m always dealing with injuries?!

So I listened to my people. And my body. I’m going to spend more time rolling and stretching. I’ll also spend time at home practicing lifting technique. And I’ll stop pushing myself to get the same scores and weights as others in the box. I’ve gotten so used to PR’ing every lift that I’m pushing myself beyond my skill level. And when my form deteriorates I’m putting myself at risk for injury.

So yeah. Bummer face. But I’d rather have a long-term future than short-term ego boosts.