Last Friday I did my first real handstand, with photographic proof above. There are certain movements in Crossfit that intimidate the crap out of me, movements that make me hesitate and whine a little. I’ll even ask them to go over the mechanics of it just in case they’ll run out of time and I won’t have to do it. But then somebody (usually a coach or my friend Tisha) calls me on my bullshit and tells me to stop being such a pussy and just do it already. So I do it. And I don’t die!

So far there have been two things that left me quaking in my Mizuno’s, and two things I’ve conquered: handstands and box jumps. The first time I did box jumps I was certain I would fall on my face and lose all my teeth or break my shin or something equally ridiculous. Lo and behold, none of those things happened! And when I did my first handstand I did not, in fact, break my neck or collapse on the floor in shame. These little wins have instilled just that much more confidence, making it easier for me to try new things. Like pull-ups. Didn’t think I could do those (no irrational fears, just doubting my ability), but I did TWO!! Unassisted body weight pull ups. Winning!