abs of steel

So hey, I’m getting abs. I mean, I’m getting ABS. This has happened to me approximately never. And I don’t mean that my stomach fat has reshaped itself into the form of abs (been there, done that), I mean that I can feel and start to see a few bumps coming in! O.o  A few days ago I mentioned this to one of my coaches and he scrutinized my belly for a moment before nodding and saying “yep, you’ll have a 2-pack or even a 4-pack pretty soon.” This pleases me.

It’s not like having abs has always been a goal of mine, it’s just something I’ve never thought I would possess. My entire life I’ve looked at pix of shredded women and thought “how the heck do they do that?” Now I realize that for women being shredded is usually not healthy, so I’ve recalibrated my mental image to want something like Jenny Labaw abs. Even that isn’t really a goal, but still. If I suddenly have any kind of pack going on in my stomach region I’ll be sending pix to everyone because how about that shit? ABS!