Sometimes I do more than just drool over tasty recipes, I actually make the tasty recipes. Given the fact that my workday is 12 hours I usually select something very fast or very slow, and my very slow I mean slow cooker. I don’t know why I didn’t start using slow cookers years ago, they’re amazing! Prep all your junk the night before, toss it in the pot in the AM, set, forget, come home to dinner. Win!

I have about five thousand “recipes to try” that I’ve bookmarked so I’m certainly not at a loss for inspiration. Since I had tried out a pulled pork recipe a few weeks ago that turned out rather bland and boring, I decided to try a different pulled pork recipe that might restore my faith. You can’t really go wrong with Civilized Caveman, so I snagged his pulled pork and BBQ sauce recipes. Wham, bam, thank you pork man; the result was spectacular: tender, delicious, and full of flavor. And that was without the sauce! The sauce itself was good but not quite my style, I go for more of a vinegar BBQ sauce. Still good tho, so give it a shot!