Since I’m from WA state this should come as no surprise — in fact it should be expected — but I think I’m going to go all hippie and stop treating things like the cold or flu with medicine. Recently I had some ass-whooping version of cold/flu/I-don’t-know and I was out for a day and a half. Tired, achy, congestion, weak, night sweats, cold spells, etc. I took Nyquil and Dayquil, both drugs I have never taken before to treat such symptoms. Mistake! The third day I took some Dayquil and headed off to work, tired but thinking I could at least pull a half day. I barely made it through a half day with my brain in a total fog. You know those Claritin commercials where they feel all fuzzy “before Claritin”? That’s how I felt. It was like my brain was operating at half  capacity and things that are normally instantaneous took forever to muddle through. There was an opaque film between me and my brain, one that could not be overcome by caffeine superheroes.

I caught a boat, managed to drive home without incident, ate a PB&Banana sandwich (I know, not very Paleo), and watched a few episodes of Bones (hellooooooo David Boreanaz!). About 6hr after I took the Dayquil, I found myself playing rambunctiosly with my dog and realized that my vision had returned to normal. Oh right, I didn’t mention that my eyes were unable to completely focus? Yes, it was magical. And 6hr just happens to be how long it takes for Dayquil to run through you system. Coincidence? I think not! Well, maybe, but I choose to believe that Dayquil/Nyquil is the devil. I’ve taken Benedryl for years without any of these side effects, so I definitely blame the ‘Quil. Good thing I have a Costco size box of the stuff. *rolls eyes*