Meeting people is hard when you’re a grown up (I admit, calling myself a grown up feels both uncomfortable and dishonest). Young people, take heed! Once you’re out of college it suddenly becomes work to make friends. All of the built-in social systems of school disappear and you either learn to share your co-worker’s obsession with goth morticians or you get out into the community and meet new people. Unlike college, however, you have to be your own social director.

The easiest way to meet people as an adult is to join clubs or community groups. If you go to church this is pretty easy, but if you don’t go to church you need to think about the things that interest you and see if there’s a community group for that interest. Luckily for us non-churchgoing folks the gym is a great place to meet like-minded people. I’ll admit that joining a CrossFit gym was 40% motivated by the ability to make friends who are also into fitness (specifically CrossFit) and being healthy. Obviously there are different levels of commitment to this particular religion, ranging from people who merely donate their money to the gym (since they never actually use their membership) to people who have veins bulging out of their skin since their BF% is close to zero and they spend their entire paycheck on supplements. But at least these people have a similar interest! Fitness! Health! Bacon! The added bonus is that hanging out with fitness-oriented people keeps you fitness oriented. And they totally agree that peanut butter dipped bacon is the most delicious thing they’ve ever heard of.