Hi, my name is Ms Audacious and I’m addicted to food porn.

My RSS feed is crammed with posts from basically two kinds of recipe blogs: Paleo and autoimmune (which are usually dairy/egg free). And when I find a new blog to follow I immediately do so that during my morning ferry commute I can gnaw off pieces of Landjaeger and feel sorry for myself as I look at stunning photos of things like this. And then I cry a little from my right eye, because really it’s a tear of happiness.

When I posted about not being THAT paleo and Tina the Blogger at Oh Snap! Let’s Eat! liked it I decided to check out her blog, and I’m glad I did. At heart I’m a lazy cook, so I like recipes with few ingredients, no special prep, and little active cooking time. Her stuff is perfect for me! Bacon-wrapped zucchini is 3 steps? Sign me up!