Sometimes I get impatient with knowledge. I want to know pretty much everything, but time is not infinite so certain things are demoted to “just package it into a neat little box so I can say ‘yes, I get this!’ and move on.” Pre- and post-workout nutrition is one of those things. I’m not a hardcore athlete so I don’t really need to know the finer details of insulin spiking or fat burning or anything else that sounds trendy. All I want to know is 1) do I need to eat and 2) what should I eat that falls into my personal dietary box? Meaning Paleo but no eggs or dairy. I found a post on PaleOMG that, along with the dietary info received in CrossFit 101, finally helped me nail these things down. Maybe this will help you too, but keep in mind that this is basically a digital post-it for myself.

Do I need to eat before a workout? Yes, if it’s been more than 2 hours since my last meal.
Do I need to eat after a workout? Yes, if I did muscle tearing exercises (lifting, etc).

What should I eat before a workout? A small amount of carbs (think fruit) and fat (think avocado).
What should I eat after a workout? Protein for muscle building. If it was a highly intense workout then complex carbs (like yams) might be called for, but that would be unlikely for someone at my athletic level.