Paleo seems to exist on a spectrum. On one end you have people who eat their meat raw, in the middle you have people who eat dairy and potatoes, and on the other end you have people who eat everything except grains. I’m kind of in the middle: I’m mostly paleo but I’m not religious about it and I do sometimes stray to the less strict end of the spectrum. Once a week I meet up with some friends for beer and burgers at our local brew-pub and when I attend family get togethers I partake in the mixed drinks. If I go to our local vegan bakery I’ll pick something up, regardless of what kind of flour they use. Paleo is a guideline and everybody has to customize it to something that works for them, and this works for me right now. Might I get more strict as time goes on? Indeed I probably will. But I’ll never eat my meat raw.

Anywho, I just saw this on Civilized Caveman and am wondering if I have any tequila…

Paleo Tequila Mojito

Image and Recipe from Civilized Caveman